Little Women, Big Dreams

Little Women, Big Dreams

Everything we do and create is for you - we both have come a long way within our small business journey, learnt so much and grown together at length as well. We are two very obvious stationery junkies who have been sharing their love for it with the world since 2016, and we will continue to combine our personal aesthetics and love for colors to make your everyday a little brighter, happier and organized one hoard *wink* at a time!

About Mitali aka Mits:


A little cray about colors, a lot-tle annoying when it comes to the symmetry of everything. She is the head, hand and heart behind all the designs & prints you see on every product; She loves to meet new people, and help resolve their stationery dilemmas on the daily - she draws inspiration from everyone/thing around her (after all, ideas strike best when you have nothing to write it on; ironic, isn't it?). She is also a part-time caption writer, serial brain-stormer, always vibin' to pop music, loves Dhokla, throwing the peace (✌🏻) sign at any given time and crying while watching rom-coms!

About Heer aka Heeru:

Things aren't always easy when it comes to running a business, but she manages to make it look super chill while internally panicking. She is the head behind the screens and the hands behind all the lovely brown paper packages you receive; she loves to gorge on baklavas while hoarding on stationery from all over the world from all her travels. She is also one of the serial brain-stormers of our little team, loves anything rainbow, needs to be bribed to show her face in reels and is in a relationship with MS Excel (I know, crazy.) She brings in the method to the madness with her mad organisation skills!

Talking about organisation - if you were to ask us what we would be doing right now if not running Going Postall, we would have definitely started Home Edit (India)


  • Uma Joshi: June 22, 2022

    Proud of you Two♥️♥️♥️

  • Lavanya Chopra : June 22, 2022

    More power to you girls! ☺️⚡️❤️

  • Vini : June 22, 2022

    Thatsss so cool!! 😍
    Keep going guys! 🫂😍

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